Dr. Eric Bussieres


Dr. Bussières was born and raised in Dartmouth (Halifax), Nova Scotia. He attended Dalhousie University where he received his undergraduate degree in biology, diploma of Dental Hygiene and his degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. After graduating dentistry he moved to Vancouver where he now feels at home.

His experience as a dental hygienist has made him especially attentive to his patient’s periodontal (gum) care. However, he enjoys all aspects of dentistry, especially children’s dentistry.

Dr. B considers himself to be a great listener and gentle clinician. He takes the time neededto listen to his patients’ concerns and special needs. He believes this is especially important when dealing with apprehensive patients. Their fears are based usually on past bad experiences with dentists not listening to them, answering questions and concerns. He encourages patients in taking a more active role in keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

When not in the office Dr. B loves singing with the Vancouver Men's Chorus, hiking, camping, travelling and quiet nights at home with partner.