Office Coordinator


Oh my goodness, 35 years have gone by so quickly. I have been working with Dr Micheal Racich for 25 years starting in the old Georgia Medical Building (1 Year) then moving to 1128 Hornby Street and continued for another 10 years with Dr Eric Bussieres. It's absolutely true that time flies when you enjoy your job. I have had the pleasure of working with two very accomplished men who love the work that they do as dentists. If Mike and Eric had not been the people they were I doubt I would have continued for so long.I have learned a lot over the last 35 years about dentistry and running a successful dental practice.

I am so looking forward to starting the next phase of my life. I realize that the Covid-19 Pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us, I personally had to deal with a very close call with my husband Steve almost dying from it in Dec 2019. He was in St Paul’s hospital in the ICU with a ventilator tube down his throat for 2 weeks and continued care in a ward until Feb 28th 2020. I thank the support from my staff in the dental office to help me through the challenging time. This put a push on my decision to retire from the workplace.

I will miss the great camaraderie with the staff, the celebrations for birthdays, holidays and weddings. I have had a wonderful relationship with all the staff members over the years and continue to keep in touch with many past members too. I will also miss many of the amazing patients I have had the pleasure of meeting, knowing and developing a friendship with over the years. Sharing exciting news, happy moments and sometimes sad times too. I will also miss the many children we have in the practice. Seeing so many of them growing up into wonderful young adults has been wonderful. Never having any children of my own, I felt like they were my little ones whom I cherished.

Since I have always had a love for live theatre, and have had seasons tickets for the last 30 years at various theatres my plans are to join a theatre group. They use volunteers for actors, set design, makeup, etc. So maybe I'll be up on the stage acting a role and be the ham that I am. I am also planning a cruise in October 2022 from Vancouver to the Hawaiian Islands & back to Vancouver with Steve. My roots are in Ontario and I am planning on spending a full month with my youngest sister, my nieces, and my best friend from grade school. There will also be some cottage time on Lake Erie too! I love to travel and once the restrictions are loosened I will continue to discover the World. With that said I will continue to study Spanish a little more seriously for when we travel back to Mexico.

I am also planning on doing some volunteer work with children and animals, so probably at The Children's Hospital and at the SPCA. These are just a few of the many things I am planning to do with my time to myself.

I know that MC, who is taking over my position, will continue to serve you in Dr B's office with courtesy, kindness and consideration.

To all those many people who have touched my life over the years thank you, stay healthy, safe and enjoy your lives you only get one. Should you bump into me on the streets of Vancouver or in a shop or anywhere please be sure to say HELLO!


Office Coordinator

MC was born in Vancouver, BC but grew up in the romantic city of Montréal, Quebec. She has also lived in Taipei, Taiwan and in a small suburb in Florida during her childhood. Vancouver has been home since 1997.

MC currently resides in the vibrant West End. She enjoys long walks, easy hikes, photography and traveling in her spare time. MC has worked in the wellness industry before switching over to dentistry. She studied Dental Administration at BCIT. She enjoys the rapport she develops with her dental clientele!


Certified Dental Assistant

Born and raised in East Van, May found her love of assisting people while volunteering at after school programs in community centres.

On her downtime, May loves to spend time with her loved ones, take her mom out on adventures and play video games.

On special occasions she will even experiment with cooking. :)


Registered Dental Hygienist

Jocelyn was born and raised in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, and recently moved to Vancouver in May 2016. She received her dental hygiene diploma in 2011 from Oulton College in Moncton, New Brunswick and began her career in Rothesay, New Brunswick where she worked until April 2016.

Jocelyn has a gentle approach with her patients and focuses on providing them with the quality individualized care they need and deserve. Developing a positive rapport with her patients is one of the things Jocelyn loves most about her job and she looks forward to helping them maintain their healthy smiles!


Registered Dental Hygienist

Jacqueline was born and raised in Victoria B.C. In 2010, Jacqueline ventured to Cranbrook and graduated from the Dental Assistant program. Commitment and a desire for more education took Jacqueline to Toronto were she graduated from the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene in 2014. After a few years, the pull of her family and close friends brought her back to the West Coast where she enjoys year round activities like cycling and hiking. Jacqueline believes that by providing dental education and a gentle approach to care patients, will learn the importance of oral hygiene.


Office Admin

Ben was born and raised in the Greater Montreal region. That's where he discovered his passion for customer service, while working for a company that services multiple airlines at the Mirabel Airport. Then, as time went by, he occupied multiple positions and started working as a flight attendant in 1999. That's when he moved to Vancouver. It is also how he met DrB. Since DrB acquired the Hornby street location, he has been taking care of administrative tasks like human resources, payroll, and accounting, as well as helping out with reception part time.

Ben is a foodie. He loves cooking and going to good restaurants. He's also passionate about wine, having completed the first course of the sommelier certification. His job has brought him to multiple cities throughout the world and helps him continue exploring this beautiful planet.